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Petitioner argues

A New York Criminal Lawyer said that, section B32-127.0 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York makes it unlawful for any person to act as a dealer in second-hand articles without a license therefor. The Commissioner of Licenses of the city has charge and control of issuing, transferring, renewing, revoking, suspending and canceling such licenses (New York City Charter, § 773). Applications therefor must be made to him in such form and detail as he shall prescribe. No person shall be licensed unless a citizen of the United States or has regularly declared his intention of becoming a citizen. Petitioner, a citizen of the United States, applied for such a license, the Commissioner denied her application, and she brings this proceeding to compel him to grant it. Neither robbery or burglary were involved.

A New York Prostitution Lawyer said that, in the form of application prescribed by the Commissioner there was a question: ‘If applicant has ever been arrested or summoned for any offense, such facts must be stated in full, giving number of times and final disposition.’ In her sworn answer to that question petitioner stated that in 1947 she had been arrested for maintaining a house of prostitution and sentenced to 15 days in the workhouse.

A New York Patronizing Prostitution Lawyer said that, by co-operation with the Police Department the Commissioner ascertained that in addition to what petitioner thus disclosed, she had been arrested on the same charge in 1936 and again in 1939 and in each of those instances she had received a suspended sentence; also that in each instance her record was under a different name, no one of which names was the name in which she institutes this proceeding and which she presumably used upon her application for the license.

The issue in this case is whether the commissioner erred in denying petitioner’s application for license.

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