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A Brooklyn man has been put under arrest after assaulting a coworker reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

Brooklyn Police were alerted to an incident that happened on Christmas Eve in Satmar Meats, Fort Green NY. Reports have not released the name of the victim, but do state that a 27 year old man assaulted his female coworker earlier that morning. The woman claimed he did not like the way she was cutting the meats and began attacking her. She tried to run from the man but he followed her and continued to hit her. He allegedly threatened to hurt family members if she reported the incident. Reports do not state how long the assailant or the victim were employees of the butcher shop; which is located on Lee Street in Brooklyn, close to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Police put the suspect under arrest after the victim’s husband saw the bruises and reported the incident. He has been charged with assault, harassment in the 2nd degree and menacing in the 3rd degree. He will be arraigned in Kings county Criminal Court; located at 120 Schermerhorn St. Brooklyn, NY 11201. Even though he assaulted a woman he will not be charged with a Sex Crime.
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