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A health care scam that involved an Oakland woman


A health care fraud conviction involving an Oakland woman was announced Wednesday by federal authorities, according to a NY Criminal Lawyer. This is a medicare scheme. She billed medicare for electric wheelchairs that are considered medically unnecessary.

A one week trial that took place in a California court led to a conviction of health care fraud for this 52 year old woman according to the Human Services department. She will soon be sentenced and could get up to ten years in prison. She will only be sentenced for 1 count as jurors through out the other two counts.

This lady took advantage of the low income elderly in order to bill Medicare for this equipment that was not wanted or needed. She approached people on the street, in nursing homes, and in their homes offering a free power wheelchair if they would hand over all the necessary identification cards including Medicare information. The trial included witnesses from that worked at the San Pablo Hotel, where this lady would sit for long periods of time just waiting for people to come through the lobby that she could approach about these power wheelchairs.

Testimony from an Oakland doctor indicated that this woman had falsified prescriptions that this doctor knew nothing about and for people he had never seen. These prescriptions involved the Los Angeles clinic.

She often sold this Medicare information to local companies that could bill for these electric wheelchairs. One company involved was Maydads Medical Supply of Arleta. This company billed almost a half million in these false claims over an18 month period of time. This type of fraud happens all over and in places like Nassau and Suffolk Counties also.

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