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A New York Criminal Lawyer is something you should have if you hope To Plead To A Lesser Charge Like the “Preppie Killer’s” Girl Friend


Robert Chambers’ girlfriend, Shawn Kovell, stated in state Supreme Court a few months ago that she and Chambers sold drugs to an undercover detective. Under the terms of her deal, she was was remanded to a rehabilitation center. When she completes her program she will be permitted to withdraw the guilty plea and plead to a lesser charge. This will allow Kovell to receive a sentence of probation. Her lawyer said that she was a drug addict at that particilar time and that it was her first arrest.

Chambers became a tabloid favorite after the death of Jennifer Levin as they engaged in a sexual encounter in New York’s Central Park. She was a graduate of the Baldwin School and was just 18 years old. The murder created headlines and the fact he was a good looking, privileged prep school youth who went bad added to the sexiness of the story.

Chambers pleaded guilty in 1988 to manslaughter and was released in 2003. He served the maximum 15 years because of discipline problems behind bars which included drug dealing.

If you or a family member is arrested in New York, hiring a New York Criminal Lawyer is the right decision for you. Not having an attorney may make things worse and you could waive your rights and options.

Chambers was arrested a year after his release from prison. Authorities incarcerated Chambers for misdemeanor heroin possession and driving without a license. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 100 days in jail and was fined $200.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its NY Criminal Attorneys with convenient locations in the New York Area including Rockaway Beach, Queens can be of invaluable help to you if you find yourself a defendant in a criminal action. Facing the law without representation could end up with you in prison.

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