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Accident Victims Shot


Three accident victims were shot after being injured in a car accident in rural southern town, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The accident occurred at night in the early evening. The victims included the driver and his two young daughters, ages four and seven.

Local police officers at the scene revealed that the victims’ car was rear-ended by an African American male, 21, early Tuesday evening near an intersection. Once he left his car, the African American male walked up to the car with a .22 pistol and began shooting frantically into the victims’ vehicle. The driver was shot three times. The seven year old daughter was shot four times. The youngest daughter was not injured by the gunfire.

According to authorities, the gunshot victims were treated for minor injuries at a local hospital. Their injuries were determined not to be life-threatening. The father was released the next morning, Wednesday, following treatment. No information was available concerning the status of the two daughters or when they were released.

The assailant was arrested and later charged with two criminal counts against his victims. The assailant was charged with using a deadly weapon to assault his victims, intending to kill them; and, using a deadly weapon to inflict serious injury on his victims. More charges could be filed at a later time. The assailant is still in jail at a county jail nearby, close to the crime scene where the accident first occurred. His bail was set by a local judge at $100,000 in the form of a secured bond. The felonious assault charges carry a heavy sentence if convicted on both counts. No details were released by investigators as to whether there were eyewitnesses to the felonious assaults or the initial accident prior to the shootings. The random gun violence in the case was the basis for the intent to kill portion of the charges as discharging his weapon 7 times into the victims’ bodies was evidence enough for such charges to be filed.

According to a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer, the driver who was shot and hospitalized with his daughters was not available for comment following release.

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