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Animal Abuse Case May Have Prevented a Serial Killer


County Sheriff’s deputies have a 19-year old man in custody, and sources have told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the arrest may have prevented further development of a serial killer. The 19-year old was arrested following a report by his girlfriend’s mother who had reportedly received a call from her daughter who said that she was being held hostage by the young man. During the course of this call, the woman’s daughter reportedly told her that her boyfriend was holding her hostage, mutilating and killing dogs, and had threatened to murder her and any police who may come to arrest him.

The accused has an alleged history of torturing and killing animals, and during the course of their investigation, police discovered carcasses of at least 29 dead dogs that either had been buried in the backyard or had been tossed into the woods near the dwelling. Sources also informed the Manhattan Criminal Attorney that he had forced his girlfriend to participate in the mutilation and killing of 29 dogs or puppies. Police also discovered a rifle and a shotgun as they searched his home.

Experts who have examined this case explained to the Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer that the suspect has at least one of the characteristics of a serial killer, and from all indications, his violence was escalating. Police have stated to that they have no doubt that he would have eventually killed his girlfriend.

According to at least one expert, serial killers exhibit at least three behaviors, “animal cruelty, obsession with fire setting and persistent bedwetting past the age of five to violent behavior.” Each of these have been linked to violent behavior as both police and science attempt to understand the mental workings of these types of killers. While there has thus far been no indication that the suspect in custody exhibits any of the other two behaviors, there is little doubt that based on the evidence that an obsession with animal cruelty exists. Prosecutors have stated that a defense of temporary insanity should not be applicable in this case due to the accused alleged long and methodical obsession with animal cruelty.

Often when this type of crime is involved, other crimes are uncovered as an investigation continues. Frequently, there may be additional allegations of a sex crime, drug possession or weapon possession. It is important that if you or a family member has been charged with a serious offense, you act promptly to protect your rights. Whether you are found guilty of the charges or not, these allegations can have a significant impact on your personal life. If convicted, the criminal punishments can be significant, and include jail time, monetary fines, community service and probation.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a criminal offense, it is critical that you make every effort to obtain an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to assist you. When searching for skilled counsel, you should properly evaluate their reputation, background, experience. The team at Stephen Bilkis and Associates has all of the skills to assist you in making the right decisions on your particular situation.

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