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Bank Teller conspires to Falsely Stage a Robbery at a Citizens Bank in Coram

A 25 year old bank teller along with a 51 year old resident of North Ocean Ave in Patchogue are both facing D Felony Grand Larceny Charges in the 3rd degree. They both conspired to falsely report a robbery at a Citizens Bank Branch on 294 Middle Country Rd in Coram, New York. It was arranged for Palma Salinas to approach Arevalo with a note demanding money. One man would hand off the money and it was agreed that later they would meet at another location to split the stolen money. Upon the response of the authorities, the authorities were given a description of the robber and they were told that he ordered the cash with a note. Witnesses directed the officers to a nearby McDonalds and they found the other man with the cash and note. Detectives were then suspicious and under questioning the bank teller admitted that they had conspired. They were arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip, NY. The charges would have been more serious if there was gun possession involved.

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