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Barry Bonds Has Murky Legacy in San Francisco


Barry Bonds is famed for being the greatest hitter of home runs in baseball history – now he’ll be known for his criminal conviction for obstructing justice, as well.

The jury on the Bonds case was unable to come to a decision regarding whether or not Bonds lied about the use of steroids. Only the obstruction of justice charge stuck, though it is a felony charge, a New York Criminal Lawyer points out. The prosecution wanted all the charges to stick, but Bonds didn’t get what he wanted either – as a convicted felon, he cannot own a firearm, vote, or serve on a jury.

In 2003, Bonds said under oath before a grand jury that he never took performance-enhancing drugs, to his knowledge. What matters most to baseball fans is that he did take them, which makes his otherwise impressive baseball record dubious, at the very least.

The fact that he took steroids, willingly or not, may never be a matter for the law – only the fact that he wasn’t as cooperative as he might have been in the investigation. Even that, Bonds’ lawyer will fight to the very end, emboldened by the fact that their client has been found not guilty on all other charges. A federal judge may very well decide if the appeal will go forward, possibly as soon as May.

The Giants told a NY Criminal Lawyer, “This case is ongoing and we expect it will proceed in a fair and orderly manner. Accordingly, we have no comment at this time.” For many people, the conviction has little bearing on what made Barry Bonds famous in the first place – his ability to hit home runs. No matter what happens to him legally, that legacy will remain.

The 46-year-old Bonds is very unlikely to return to baseball, but there are signs that his record will be broken, possibly soon. Alex Rodriguez is well on his way – though he has already admitted to using the same drugs that likely got Bonds into so much trouble.

A white collar crime, such as obstruction of justice, can bring serious penalities. It is important to ensure that the individual’s rights are protected throughout the legal process.

It may seem sometimes that the rich and famous operate on a whole different level, legally, than everyone else. When you have a New York Criminal Law Firm on your side, you can be assured you will have counsel with the same integrity and tenacity at the disposal of celebrities. Don’t settle for anything less – call a New York Criminal Law Firm today.

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