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Baseball Star Faces DWI and More


A former star of the a popular baseball team, was already in trouble for driving recklessly and forcing two cars off the road, even before he was arrested for DWI in February.

A New York Criminal Lawyer obtained evidence from the State Attorney’s Office in Florida that showed the defendant forced a truck off the road before his driving caused another car to take “evasive action and (go) totally onto the grass shoulder in order not to hit the sport utility vehicle head-on”.

This was from one of two drivers who claimed to see the SUV driving erratically. The 911 call revealed the driver felt the SUV operator had to be drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Later, the SUV was identified as the baseball player’s vehicle. It was reported to be by the side of the road with smoke pouring out of it.

Police found defendant next to the vehicle when they arrived. The athlete had blood shot eyes and “heavily slurred” speech, police sources reported. He was even drinking from a bottle of scotch when authorities were on the scene. The defendant initially resisted arrest, police explained.

Everyone deserves a fair trial, to be treated as anyone else in a court of law, no matter how famous they happen are, or the offense they have committed, including drug offenses, a sex crime or theft crime. Their treatment should be no better nor any worse than it would be for someone unknown to the general public. Sometimes, that’s easier said than achieved. Fortunately, there are skilled criminal lawyers whose job is making sure all sides are equal when it comes to a criminal trial.

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