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Child custody issues belong in the courtroom but don’t always stay there

When a marriage ends in divorce and there are children involved, very often there is animosity and resentment between the two parents as to who will retain custody of the children. Though the divorced couple may say that they are fighting to determine who will best care for the children, very often the parents engage in a power struggle to see who will come out the victor, and this can be tragic for the children involved and highly emotionally abusive and can result in a case of child endangerment.

For obvious reasons, it is always best to let the attorneys do the talking. At all costs, the parents who are fighting over custody of their children should refrain from discussing the custody case outside of the walls of a courtroom or a legal office, and they should never bring the issue up in front of the children themselves. Unfortunately, many people in our society try to take these delicate matters into their own hands, and the results can be devastating.

A California man fighting for custody of his children had to be tasered by police in a municipal parking lot outside of court offices after he and his ex-wife were seen arguing over the custody of their children; an argument which ended with the man assaulting his ex out with a punch to the face. Though scenarios like these can be avoided by taking the logistic approach and using legal counsel for support, people who choose to react with violence find that the game they were attempting to play and win in the first place is going to cost them their children and quite possibly their freedom.

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