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Chris Cook’s Day in Court was March 21


Minnesota Vikings’ cornerback, Chris Cook, will have his day in court on March 21, sources say.. He has been formally charged with brandishing a firearm, which in this case is a misdemeanor.

The incident reportedly began, as the second round, draft pick was involved in a heated confrontation with one of his neighbors. While his arrest did not take place during the argument, the arrest and charges occurred after his neighbor swore out an arrest warrant a short time later.. Although Chris Cook was arrested and charged Saturday, he was shortly released on his own recognizance. The cause or content of Chris Cook’s confrontation with one of his neighbors has yet to be released.

In case many who are reading this are wondering, just how Chris Cook was arrested and charged so quickly, especially when police were never called to the scene of the argument at the time of its occurrence. There are some differences in the way that Virginia law works and how the law in many other states work. We will try to explain.

Most states will file charges only after reaching a certain point in their investigations. Many times these charges will be filed long after someone may have been arrested. In large part, this is due to the fact that these states rely on charges to be filed by their District Attorneys. The State of Virginia, however, allows its citizens to appear in front of a magistrate and swear out an arrest warrant themselves. The Nassau County Criminal Lawyer has been told that this is what happened in this case. The man who Chris Cook had been arguing with went before the magistrate, swore out the arrest warrant, and the Lynchburg, VA, police department then served the warrant and arrested Mr. Cook. His preliminary hearing was then set for March 21, where Chris Cook is expected to be arraigned.

It is too early to tell whether the arrest and charges will have any affect on Chris Cook’s NFL career, as the season, if there is one, is still a few months from the beginning.

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