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Cocaine smuggler ends up with egg on his face

It is amazing the things that people will try to get away with when it comes to smuggling drugs into our country. Immigration and customs agents see it every day. People come up with the most hair brained schemes to get their drugs through customs, to the point of absurdity. According to a reporter, one man tried a playful approach, but ended up with egg on his face after all.

The 23 year old Florida man flew into LA International Airport with a suitcase filled with plastic Easter eggs. When Immigrations officers became suspicious, the man tried to play off the incident, saying that the toy eggs were filled with candy and he was taking them home to his children, despite the fact that Easter was months away. Officers searched the suitcase and lo and behold, there was candy in those eggs, alright, but not the kind of candy one would give to a small child.

Reports from the court said that police cracked open the plastic eggs to discover 14 pounds of cocaine, estimated to be almost $100,000 worth on the street. Why the man thought that his story would fly is beyond most of us. Surely the TSA has proven to us again and again that it is difficult enough to slip through security with a bottle of water, so why try to sneak through such a large quantity of cocaine? Needless to say, the candy man ended up going to jail with more than a little bit of egg on his face.

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