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College baseball star accused of rape in the Bahamas


What is it with sports super stars and rape? It seems like every couple of weeks we get to listen to another story of an athlete who was busted for rape in one capacity or another. According to a Nassau County Sex Crime Lawyer, most recently we have received word that a college baseball idol from Florida and his four friends were accused of raping a young woman while partying in the Bahamas. The 20 year old baseball player is hailed as a superstar because of the way he plays his sport, and no one wants to see a superstar go down for something that so easily could have been avoided, but if a man commits a crime, a man should do the time. This is certainly the attitude in The Bronx and Weschester County when it comes to Sex Crimes.

Perhaps when college guys get hit with the sports spotlight their ego grows a few sizes. Or perhaps they somehow come to see themselves as invincible, in a way, as if they can get away with anything, but no matter how revered a man is on the field, his off time actions will come back to haunt him if he makes the wrong play. Soon after they will see that the illusion of being untouchable was never real at all, despite their contracts, how sharp their game or what team they got signed to.

A mother of one of the young men who was there the night of the rape commented on how she had known all of the men involved for years and she could not fathom that these good, clean American boys could commit such a crime, reports the NY Criminal Lawyer. The mother admitted that she truly thought their innocence would be maintained. But police aren’t so sure, and they are conducting a full investigation to find out what really happened that night in the Bahamas. At this time the baseball player has been released on $10,000 bond and is awaiting trial.

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