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Con Juan Scammer faces jail, says a Bronx Criminal Lawyer


A con man, who was seen as a notorious Con Juan, used an online dating
site to scam lonely women out of their life savings. He will now be paying
a high price for his loveless actions including a lengthy prison sentence. He facing a variety of charges includign Grand Larceny
A source reports that Con Juan used the online dating
service called My-Space and Jdate to meet women looking for love. He
described himself as a muscular romantic gentleman and lured women into
trusting him with personal information. He continued his scam for years before
his illegal actions placed him in a court of law. It is not known how much money
the con man collected over the years before his scam was discovered.

The scammer met a 60-year-old lonely Chelsea woman who finally ended
his scam. He managed to scam the older lady out of $200,000 before he was
arrested for his illegal activity. A different case of his swindling $10,000 from
a woman he met online has been sealed so the legal result of this case is not
known to Bronx Criminal Lawyers. He allegedly dated the Upper East Sider
for few years before he obtained her ID and then stole money from her bank
account according to police records.

The online scam has come to an end for now with a jail sentence. Manhattan
Supreme Court Justice remarked to New York Criminal Lawyers that the victim
of his scam, the 60-year-old Chelsea woman, probably really loved him making
the crime that much worse. He then sentenced Con Juan to a two and a half
year prison sentence where the online bachelor will not be meeting any available
women to scam.

The internet can be a valuable tool in various different situations, but it also can
be a hotbed of criminal activity.

If you or someone you love has been charged
with an online scam, you will require the assistance of a qualified attorney. You
need a Criminal Attorney to protect you against allegations of internet
fraud or interent sex crime. Call one today.

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