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Cops Accused of Rape Made Cover-Up 911 Call


The evidence has been mounting against two police officers accused of rape. Prosecutors have told New York City Criminal Lawyers a 911 call they received from a Canadian tourist regarding the crime was actually one of the officers trying to pin the charges on a “smelly” homeless man. The call was made from a pay phone in the East Village.
The alleged rapist and his accomplice, who may have served as a lookout, are said to have faked the call, so they would have more time to make the second of four visits they paid to the apartment of a drunk woman early one December morning in 2008.
According to the victim, she had passed out on her bed. She awakened to the sound of the alleged rapist removing his bulletproof vest before raping her.
“There’s a homeless guy… just sleeping there in the hallway,” the caller said on the 911 tape. He claimed to be from Canada, but witnesses say the voice sounded much more Manhattan than Manitoba.
“He smells pretty bad,” the caller continued. “He’s a homeless guy. You know, he didn’t bother anybody but, he’s like, right in the front door.” In Westchester and Suffolk Counties these kinds of crimes are treated very harshly by authorities.
The two accused officers told their superiors they spent the time from 2 to 2:30 a.m. dealing with this alleged homeless person who was sleeping in the foyer of the building.
Prosecutors tell a different story. According to them, the officers were a number of doors away, in the apartment of the victim, who was 28 years old at the time. She was so drunk, the cabby she’d used to get home called for police assistance to help her get out of the taxi.
That corner was where the 911 phone call was made. The two officers had been there, dealing with a fender bender and a New York City Criminal Lawyer also inspected the scene.
The officers did not want any assistance with the homeless man that was reported, even though they received offers from another nearby patrol.
“Central!” One of the accused officers is reported to have said to the dispatch. “Don’t. Disregard, Central. We got it. We got it.”

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