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Court Decides Sex Crimes Case


Many cases in court somehow prolong before a decision is called especially when the corroboration is set to be enforced. In this case presented by a New York sex crimes lawyer, the case of Roger Doyle is set to be a rape case but they fight on the non-corroboration of other crimes that he is accused of like larceny, robbery and event assaults. He was believed to have risked the welfare of a child along with committing sexual abuse under the Penal Law which was made effective last September 16, 1967.

The complainant made a testimony against Doyle for intercourse and sodomy. The complainant’s side truly wanted to have the valid conviction of the accused for a case of consummated rape without the case of corroboration. As per the law, any individual can be deemed guilty of sexual abuse in the third degree if he creates sexual contact with another without getting the consent. It was compared to another case such as that of English. In that case though, a consummated rape happened but the accused was acquitted from it and instead was charged for assault, robbery and larceny.

Another Nassau County Sex Crimes Lawyer also compared it to other cases like that of Lo Verde, Young, Moore and Radunovic. In those cases, the rationale presented was still clearly valid for the prosecutors then cannot avoid the requirements of corroboration for the crime of rape. The concept of corroboration requires some limits. It is clear when a rape has happened, the sexual abuse in the third degree would be interdependent with the rape meaning it is related to it in an intrinsic level. This means that it is in aid affecting the crime if there would a testimony that would really prove its relation to it.

As per a New York Sex Crimes Lawyer, in this case, the goal for corroboration was not too possible to achieve especially with the offense of having committed sex abuse in the third degree. The contemplated offense could have been just a minor one which includes touching a woman without her consents in a dark theatre or even in the midst of a crowded terminal. The fight could have been easily won if the sex crime committed was considered to be a major one. In short, the accused was found guilty of rape but corroboration is not needed to convict at the third degree.

All these and more were decided upon with full justice and basing on legal proceedings only according to a Queens Sex Crime Lawyer. This is because it is logical to understand that any court cannot legislate or decide on anything just through their own interpretation of the entire scenario or incident. If there is one thing that we should understand best is that Doyle will still pay for the sex crime he has done on the minor 15 year old with him being already within the age range of 30 to 35 years old.

Corroboration and the various degrees involved in each sex crime can only be understood well if it will be explained to you by legal counsel. The best ones can be found within the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. It is not just about winning the case that you or your loved ones are in. With a competent counsel, you can be sure too to learn a lot from the legal proceedings and learn how to fight true and fair for your own rights and freedom.

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