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Court Decides Whether Defendant Will Attend Sex Offender Program


Sex crime violators are very rampant these days according to a New York Criminal Lawyer who once gathered surveys and studies about it. The factors that led to this are way too many to mention but what is important is that there are solutions and programs provided to help even the offenders to pay for what they have done or be treated if it was found out to be some kind of mental sickness. This is the same as the case here of Gonzalo Gonzales. He was fighting for his ability to complete the specific sex offender program set for him.

Based on the facts presented, it was last April 24, 2006 when the counselors from the correction program asked him to sign a form stating that he refused to take the said treatment which means failure of acknowledging his responsibility for the crime he was accused of. According to Gonzalez, he did not sign it for he never denied that responsibility for what he has done. He was very certain of himself that he did comply with the program.

The counselor Groge Pundy is responsible for screening and interviewing the sex offender program candidates. According to him who was further interviewed by Queens Criminal Lawyer, Gonzales did not take the program while still being in New York and under the custody of the state’s correctional services. One of the main requirements for the program is that the offender must be responsible to pay what’s due for the crimes he has done. If in the screening process alone, the responsibility is denied, then this just means refusal to enter the program as well.

Mr. Pundt interviewed Gonzales last April 24, 2006 about his willingness for the program. With the many offenders that Pundt interviews everyday, it is understandable why it was so hard to recall already. But the proof of the results of the interview concludes it all – that the offender denies responsibility for his crimes which are rape and sodomy. The court believes that this part of the screening process if important so that they can be sure the inmate would be receptive to all the therapy that he will go through.

It has no other purpose but to benefit well the inmate involved. And the court in this matter believed in the documents presented by Mr. Pundt. There may have been good time allowance already given to Gonzales but still he has denied such credits when he could have responded and cooperated with the orders of the court. Hence, in the end, the court found his contentions to be without sense after thorough review of what the offender is trying to prove. It decided for his petition to just be simply dismissed.

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