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Court Orders Mental Health Treatmet For Sex Offender


Every New York Sex Crime Lawyer these days finds a way to lessen the number of sex crimes that have been happening in our society. And one of the many effective strategies that can be done include informing citizens of how such proceedings go just like in the discussions of cases like this. This involves the case of a sex crime offender hidden behind the name of Robert V. It was in July of 2010 that the Attorney General of the State of New York ordered that he be detained and he should be supervised in a Mental Health facility for his treatment.

He was expected to continue being supervised by the office of Mental Health of New York after he has completed his sentence. It was in February of the following year that Robert filed his complaint saying that he was not convicted of a sex crime for it was never proven. And hence his robbery is not at all sexually motivated when he has done it in the past. He thinks that the need to get into a mental health facility is totally unconstitutional for it deprives him of his rights.

According to a New York Sex Crimes Lawyer, even if one crime committed seem to not be sexual, it can still fall under that if it belongs to a list of crimes included under the SORA or SOMTA law in New York. In this case of Robert, there were clear an solid evidences presented in court and that it was proven that he is a frequent sex offender. Such repetitions in sex crimes are great proof that there is something not normal with the behavior or mental status of the accused.

A civil process is done and decided upon by the court to examine and further analyze the offenders who have returned to the community after serving their sentence but still shows great signs of being mentally unstable. The provision is set to be more limited and the level of freedom of the offender may also have so much restraint by means of civil confinement. But the utmost goal of such treatment programs just has the purpose of protecting the general public from the harm that these offenders can do to them, commented a Nassau County Sex Crimes Lawyer.

The result of the court is that they denied the request of the accused to not go through the mental health treatment. With all the major exhibits and evidences presented, it was clear for everyone including the New York sex with minor defense lawyer who was part of the investigating staff that the offender should go through the right risk assessment so that he can be able to go through the right treatment for the utmost benefit of the general society especially for the citizens of New York.

A Queens Sex Crimes Lawyer said that such programs are very important for everyone in New York to know about better so that you know how to fight for your rights and of your loved ones to be able to steer away from being abused by such offenders like the one discussed in this particular report. You can best learn about such cases and the formality of legal proceedings with the help of an expert New York sex crime lawyer. You can get to even hire the best New York rape lawyer if you would take the time to visit Stephen Bilkis & Associates office based in New York. To help the general community we live in be free of sex offenders is a great way to start protecting especially the women and children in our society.

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