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Court Rules in Sex Crime Case


Justice and fairness are the two main things that every New York sex crime lawyer aims to achieve in such cases that they handle. Majority of them are way too sensitive especially if it involves women and children. In fact, even in today’s modern times, it is easy to find also the young men being abused especially by the older pimps in the society. This particular case talks about handling juvenile cases whether it should be led to a Civil or Criminal proceeding. According to an expert New York rape lawyer, it is the petitioner who serves as the overall complainant or the victim.

The example taken was about a certain William S. who was accused of alleged sex crime acts in a total of three legal proceedings which were distinct from each of the others. This is because one crime can be deemed unrelated with each other and that it becomes totally unfair to consolidate them all just to push someone down. Other cases quite similar to that of William S. was taken into consideration for better examples to clarify the entire situation. In this case, it was about a certain Turner who was accused.

According to the New York Criminal Lawyer who once researched about the case, he was charged with killing his own mother last March 7, 1968. The other case was about being charged for the death of his grandmother at the same means of how his mother was killed – through shooting. The sides in the court requested to just consolidate the cases but before doing that, the court had to analyze well whether the two scenarios are really related to each other. And this of course, requires solid and hard evidence.

The said consolidation of cases is possible if it can be established that the two scenes were made with just one scheme or plan. It is not enough that the two scenarios by means or method just strike a great resemblance. Evidence is the number one key in such cases. This goes the same for some popular serial killers. There would always be some kind of trademark in the crimes done or something that lawyers or the court would term as the signature. And since this falls under the sex crime category, then there should be forced sexual relations to the victim involved.

A New York Criminal Lawyer said the Other Acts of Sexual Misbehavior and Perversion as Evidence in Prosecutions for Sexual Offenses can be tackled for more clarification. Such demand for consolidation of crimes allegedly done by the suspect has served as a long time stick already that hurts much the defendant just because similar looking cases are introduced in court. What can be deemed apparent when it comes to sexual offenders is that compared to other offenders, they are the ones who happen to be the ones who do it out of habit or out of impulse.

Whether you have been charged with a sex crime, drug possession or a theft crime, seek the help of a lawyer especially the ones from the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. There are many proceedings that you may take a long time to understand but if you would gain the assistance of a skilled lawyer, you can be sure to understand fully all the details of the case, whether or not you are the one involved. One thing is for sure: you can be guided well towards not just winning the case but also learning a lot from it.

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