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Court Rules on SORA Registration


According to a New York Sex Crime Lawyer, it was about a decade ago already when the SORA or the Sex Offender Registration Act was enabled. It is a requirement for sex offenders to register within ten days of their discharge from parole or incarceration according to the Correction Law. This law was made so as to control the likelihood of the offender repeating their crimes and furthermore protecting the society from such criminals. The SORA consists of three levels of risk with one the lowest and three as the highest. It comes with risk assessment guidelines that the experts assigned follow. To know more about it and its purpose, a New York sex crime lawyer discusses the case of a certain Shawn Kennedy.

Kennedy was charged in 2000 and was considered to be a level two offender. He went under the provision of the Uniform Code of Military Justice since he was a part of the Navy. His indecent assault crime was deemed to be a discredit to the entire armed forces and the Navy itself sentenced him to a discharge through bad conduct and with less pay. A New York Criminal Lawyer said that he was not put to prison not pay any fine.

The court has the right to reason out that indecent assault is still a federal crime. This then would require Kennedy to register in SORA. Besides, once an officer is discharged from service, then there is no necessity for them to even still inform the Navy of whatever program they may have to go through. It is very great news that all 50 states in the country have this kind of registration system for sex offenders.

According to a credible Nassau County Sex Crimes Lawyer, you can be able to know the complete listing of registration requirements for such with the documents of Surveys of Criminal Laws, Westlaw 50 State Surveys and the likes. Even if the offender is a naval officer, it is just right that he also go through the right treatment procedures just like the rest of the commonly accused. Such laws against crime offenders are concentrated on the details of the crime that fall under this treatment and procedure regardless if the offender is a normal citizen of the society or holds a certain authority.

The SORA is an important part of the legal process for any extreme sex offender to go through for their benefit and for the benefit of the society. According to a Queens Sex Crimes Lawyer this is very essential to be implemented wisely and consistently for this can help a lot in lessening the number of crime offenders in our societies. The SORA was not made to punish the offenders deliberately but instead help them in an overall note to recover also from any possible mental sickness that may have triggered the sex crimes they have committed.

There are many things that any regular person does not know about the intricacies of sex crimes. And if you want to learn more about it, you must check out the assistance of a qualified lawyer. You can start getting in touch with a credible one by visiting the company of Stephen Bilkis & Associates.

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