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For many years New York has always been one of the drug dealing hot spots but the battle against heroin dealers on long island is heating up. More than 100 drug dealers have been detained for a drug bust in Suffolk County, New York. Alex Vavas a retired restaurant owner unexpectedly witnessed his whole organization crash as the Port Jefferson resident who claimed that he himself wasn’t a drug user dominated a chain of dealers to carry out his dirty work and supported his exuberant way of living and his ideal home in Suffolk County by earning approximately $13,000.00 a week. One of his dealers, David Priest, an East Islip resident was arrested and charged with selling Heroin among other drugs. Natalia Roucoulet traveled across Long Island transporting drugs for Mr.Vavas. These people were caught during a restraint on drugs that are being sold on the streets. Special task forces in New York are being made to strictly target areas where it’s speculated that there is foul play involving the drug industry.
Since last year there is a dramatic increase in the number of arrest in New York due to Heroin sales. From April to June of 2008 there were 191 arrests in accordance with this year’s 292 in the same time frame. At the homes of one of the persons charged police officials found 244 bags of Dope (also known as Heroin) along with a few firearms.
If you are convicted of a drug crime in the New York, there are a few factors that will determine your sentence. This includes the kind of drug, the amount, whether or not you played a role in the manufacturing and possession or distribution of that drug.
Not having an aggressive New York Criminal Lawyer may lead to trouble in terms of not knowing your rights and options. You should call a NY Criminal Attorney if your in trouble.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its NY Criminal Defense Attorneys with convenient locations in the NY Area including Mosolu, NYC can be of tremendous assistance to you if you find yourself accused in a criminal case. Facing a prosecutor without a professional New York Criminal Lawyer could lead to a stretch in prison.

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