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Dead squirrel lands man in jail, states a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer


An eighty-one year old man has been convicted of misdemeaner animal abuse and will be spending 30 Days in jail for the killing of a squirrel, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Last February, the man was reported for abuse using a pellet gun to shoot the animal at his home. He has been arrested 12 times in the past for misdemeanor violations including criminal contempt, for violating orders of the court, but most of the arrests have been due to wildlife violations.

Upon his release from his 30 day jail sentence, the man will face 15 other charges all related to his use of a BB gun. The octagenarian, who lives in East Northport, has had many disputes in the past involving his neighbors.

He is an 81 year old Army Veteran who served in the army air corps for 3 years after World War II. Following his military career, he ran an aerial photography business. He spent many years flying out of the Fleshing Airport and the Bayport Aerodrome.

He has a daughter who is very concerned about the time her father must spend in jail mostly due to his multiple medical problems. She revealed to a New York Criminal Lawyer that she is overly concerned that he will not receive his many medications while he is incarcerated. He must also use a cane or walker to ambulate, and his multiple medical problems include ailments such as hypothyroidism and frequent confusion.

The man was supposed to start his jail sentence but two weeks previous to that he developed shortness of breath and was hospitalized. He may be eligible for special housing as an inmate in the jail, and with good conduct he may only have to serve 20 of the 30 day jail sentence before facing the further charges.

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