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Defendant Contends His Level Three Sex Offender Status


Many New York sex crime lawyers truly emphasize the effort of every state in the country to help not just the victims of sex crimes to recover but also those who are offenders. They also go through certain programs where they can be treated of their possibly mental sickness and help them become better individuals still in the future. Such process and programs is also the means of the court to protect the rest of the people in the societies especially if the offender is of the high-risk type already. So was the case of a certain Frederic C. Carpenter Jr. who appeals to not fall under the category of a risk level three sex offender.

A New York Sex Crime Lawyer said it was in September of 2000 when he was convicted of separate accounts which happened in 1998 and also 1999. Both cases involved different victim with one being an 11-year-old relative. The second incident was with his wife who complained of sexual abuse. Carpenter was sentenced to spend 2 to 4 years in prison and also five years of what the court terms as postrelease supervision.

To further help the supervision of the offender even after his time in prison, it was the Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders who made an analysis and assessment that he falls to be a risk level three sex offender which cannot be lowered anymore, as assessed too by a New York Criminal Lawyer. His failure to accept responsibility also added to his risk level instead of helping him decrease it. The offenses made were properly analyzed since Carpenter was found guilty within two days.

The court has no errors in such finding especially since everything was based on all the presented facts and data with regards to the crimes that Carpenter committed. It also depended on the sworn statement of Carpenter’s wife especially during the actual hearing. All the points that have gathered up with the sexual abuse conviction all leads and sums up to the use of utmost violence and sexual contact along with not accepting the responsibility behind the crimes. A Nassau County Sex Crime Lawyer said that Carpenter only agrees to the decision if he will be classified as risk level two offender and not at level three.

It is hard to question the decision of the court to accept that he is a risk level three offender. The court finds the arguments of Carpenter being lack of credibility and proper merit. A Queens Sex Crime Lawyer said it was believed that all the assessments presented about him are true and properly done with regards to the kinds of crimes he has committed. Not to mention that there were some traced drug crime in the past connected to the offender but was not anymore highly raised during the arguments.

It is not just in New York that many sex crimes happen. These are becoming all the more rampant these days all over the world. It is important that you know your rights and how you would fight for it with the help and proper assistance of a New York sex crime lawyer. You can surely find one of the best lawyers when you start search in the office of Stephen Bilkis & Associates. They are made up of competent teams of lawyers who have the expertise in such cases who can help you win your own.

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