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Dennis Farina Booked on Weapons Charges in a New York Airport, hire a New York Criminal lawyer


TV and Movie star Dennis Farina was detained at LAX when it was discovered that a loaded .22 caliber gun was in his carry-on luggage. Farina who has starred in Law and Order for many years and often has played roles on one side of the law or the other has apologized for the incident.

“Farina was very apologetic and cooperative with officers,” police said, reports New York’s Daily News. The actor, 64, was released on $35,000 and promptly issued a statement.

Farina’s lawyer explained what happened and posted bail for the actor. If you are charged with a gun crime in JFK or Laguardia Airport airports, a New York Criminal Attorney must be hired to help you out of your difficulties. Without an attorney you stand a great chance of seeing your rights ignored.

Farina told authorities that he didn’t remember that the weapon was in his suitcase. Although it sounds fishy, The police let him off easily and he was only charged with suspicion of carrying a concealed gun. The actor is a co-star with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher in What Happens in Vegas.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its New York Criminal Defense Attorneys with convenient locations in the New York Metropolitan Area including Douglaston, N.Y. can be of great help to you if you find yourself a defendant with gun charges. Trying to defend yourself against criminal charges without a Lawyer could lead to disastrous results.

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