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Doctor’s License Reinstated Following Rape Acquittal


The Tennessee State Board of Medical Examiners in TN, unanimously voted to reinstate the medical license of a doctor who was recently acquitted of rape charges. The State Board had previously suspended the doctor’s license after the rape charges were filed against him.

Four male patients, all in their twenties, had accused the doctor of performing unnecessary medical procedures during exams in 2008. A New York Criminal Attorney also confirmed that each of these male patients were all exhibiting symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and the doctor had performed these procedures on their rectums and genitals.

Throughout the doctor’s rape trial, members of his staff had testified on his behalf stating that the alleged rapes did not occur, nor was there anything improper being done as there was always a staff member in the room with the doctor and his patient during these procedures.

Another TN doctor had also testified that had the doctor not performed the medical procedures that he did on the male patients, that he would have been negligent.

Although the doctor was acquitted and has had his medical license reinstated, this is not his first run-in with the legal system, explained a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer. In the 1990s, his medical license was suspended for one year while he faced similar charges in Pennsylvania. This case occurred while the doctor was working as a resident. One charge was dismissed by the judge and the other case the jury acquitted him.

The doctor patient relationship is very complex. There may be few other instances that anyone would allow someone outside of those they are the most intimate with to not only see the most private parts of their bodies, but also to touch those parts as well. Some folks may be comfortable with that, while others will cringe at the very thought of it. If you experience the least amount of discomfort, you should speak with your physician and if necessary request that a staff member be present during that examination. The discomfort may also be experienced by your physician, who as in this case learned from a past experience and had a staff member present during the more personal exams.

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