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Domestic violence issues in New York City and its surrounding boroughs have taken a rise. New York officials are often forced to take action and to the best of there ability try to deal with the situation at hand. A police officer of Queens County was shot as he addressed a domestic quarrel in Queens, New York. Yet, he was still able to nail the felon. The Officer Rodney Lewis was struck by a handgun as he battled Edwin Santana a convict who was previously charged with manslaughter in 1991. Officer Lewis, who is a resident of the Village of Freeport, in Nassau County, New York responded to a call that came into the 119th precinct, where Hazel Campana, who was previously Robert Campana reported that she was fighting with her boyfriend, Carlos Berrios because she claims that he stole her purse. She then called her ex-boyfriend, Santana who came to her rescue, with a gun. He shot the long island resident officer as they wrestled him to the ground.
As for the Campana, the girlfriend she claims that she put an order of protection against him and will notify the authorities the next time she sees him. Domestic disputes can become very violent, as one of the parties most often than not gets out of hand. You don’t have to face the judicial system alone. There are many factors in a Criminal case that need to be reviewed by a New York Criminal Lawyer and there is no need for you to do it alone. An aggressive New York Criminal Attorney is definitely what you need in a situation like this.

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