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Court Rules on Drug Crime Charges


On April 20, 2007, an undercover police officer in a bar in Westhampton Beach in Suffolk County observed a suspect hand a knotted clear plastic bag containing a white powdery substance to another person and in return he was given cash money. They then separated and left the bar. Since the officer had witnessed the sale of the suspected narcotic, he had other officers stop the truck of the buyer and they recovered the drugs which proved under testing to be cocaine. The buyer was arrested for cocaine possession, according to a New York Drug Crime Lawyer.

The buyer then agreed to testify against the seller. Around two hours later, the seller was arrested. At the time of his arrest, he was not in possession of cocaine or any other drugs. The seller was arrested and charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree and criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree. In return for his testimony against the seller, the buyer’s criminal charges were dismissed.

Prior to court, the prosecutor asked the judge if he could get permission to ask the buyer on the stand in court if he had purchased drugs from that seller in the past. He argued that since he had been a regular customer of the seller that it would clear up any questions as to the “absence of mistake.” In other words, it would ensure that the defense could not say that the buyer was mistaken about the identity of the person who had sold him the drugs, explained a Queens Drug Possession Lawyer. If the buyer knew the seller, there is no “absence of mistake.” The defense counsel opposed the motion. He claimed that the seller was not going to claim that the buyer had made a mistake about naming him, but that the buyer was simply lying and that he had never sold the man drugs in the first place.

A New York Criminal Lawyer explained that the judge originally told the prosecutor that he would not be allowed to ask the buyer any questions about previous sales. However, he told both lawyers that it was possible that additional testimony could change that ruling. In court the following date, the defense attorney questioned the buyer about his knowledge of the severity of the charges. The prosecutor again made the motion to bring in the prior sales stating that the defense attorney had opened the door to that line of questioning. Consequently, the buyer admitted to purchasing drugs from the seller on at least ten prior occasions.

The court found him guilty and he appealed. On appeal the Supreme Court reversed the decision on a matter of law since the prior transaction testimony served no purpose and was prejudicial. A new trial was ordered.

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