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Drunk Driver Almost Hits Child


An ice cream truck driver from Sub Zero Ice Cream was arrested in New Port Richey, Florida for driving under the influence of what appeared to be alcohol. The driver almost hit a child. It is unclear whether the child was waiting for the ice cream truck to stop in order to buy some ice cream. The driver was arrested with two open bottles of whiskey in the ice cream truck. His alcohol content was 0.227, which is almost three times the legal limit in the state of Florida. Limits this high usually indicate that drivers are unable to properly operate a vehicle. Released from the Pasco County jail, the ice cream truck driver will face DUI charges.
The child the ice cream driver almost hit was not injured. The driver, 49, was driving a Sub Zero Ice Cream truck at the time of the incident. It is unclear whether the driver was working or whether he was driving to another destination. The two open bottles of alcohol were found next to the driver’s seat. It was assumed at the time of his arrest that he had been drinking from them.
According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, this was the ice cream driver’s first DWI offense in the state of Florida. It is unclear at this time what legal penalties the driver could face. The driver has never been arrested for any illegal activities prior to this DUI charge. “DUI” or “Driving Under the Influence,” refers to drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol which inhibits their ability to properly operate a vehicle.
The driver was taken into custody by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department. The ice cream driver pulled the ice cream truck over and exited the vehicle to make sure the child was not injured. The ice cream driver appeared to be impaired and was staggering around the vehicle when police officers arrived. When police asked for his address, the driver gave his birthday instead. Officers from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department promptly arrested the driver.
The driver was arrested in the Congress Park neighborhood of New Port Richey, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Police were called to the scene after a by-stander called to report that the driver almost hit a child. The driver resides in the Cypress Lakes neighborhood of New Port Richey.

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