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Ex-con Claims To Be Victim in Knifing


A man linked to New York crime families claims to have been the victim in a knife fight with a Brooklyn pizza maker. The mob-linked suspect even went so far as to show his knife wounds to a judge in court. He was charged with murder in this case that has confused both prosecutors and defense thus far.
The pizza maker had cuts all over his body from the scuffle on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, and he faces charges himself – felony assault, with more that might be coming, a spokesman for the District Attorney revealed to NY City Criminal Lawyers.
“I got arrested because of all the publicity,” said the pizza maker as he lay in a hospital bed in Lutheran Hospital. “They think this is some kind of mob story. I was just trying to defend myself.”
Neither the pizza maker, owner of a famous shop which such people as Beyonce and Jay-Z patronize, nor the suspect have been cooperating with authorities.
While the pizza shop owner was hospitalized, the suspect was arraigned. The suspect’s attorney insists his client did not start the fight.
The suspect has already been linked to crime families. In court, he lifted his shirt to show his chest was covered with bandages, as his attorney pleaded his case.
Prosecutors say that the suspect is a “violent predator”. It is their case that the pizza maker “suffered far worse injuries.”
The suspect’s attorney claims the large knife found on the scene belonged to the pizza maker, but prosecutors insist it belonged to the suspect. Since the suspect is on probation until 2013 for his complicity in a series of bank robberys across the country, he was held in lieu of $250,000 bail.
The judge in the case took steps to make sure the bail furnished by the suspect did not come from any criminal sources.
Despite the protests of the pizza makers, the whole case looks very much like something in which the mob might be involved.
Not only does the suspect have ties to mobsters, but NY City Criminal Lawyers have learned the pizza maker may have given a no-show job to a mobster in another crime family.

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