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Florida man arrested for driving golf cart while drunk in wrong direction on highway


A Florida man was recently arrested for driving a golf cart on a major road in Brooksville, while under the influence of alcohol.

The defendant was driving the cart along State Road 50 during the early morning hours of February 26, just after midnight of the previous night. A New York Criminal Lawyer observes that the man repeatedly attempted to divert officers away from administering a breathalyzer test, admitting to them that he most likely not pass it due to his drunkenness. Officers took the man into custody and found that, after two separate tests, the man was indeed legally drunk and deserving of arrest. The blood/alcohol levels that were discerned from the tests were 0.251 and 0.242, respectively. It is noted that according to authorities, both of these excessive BAH levels are well beyond the legal limit, even three times over what is considered a legally drunken state.

A New York Criminal Lawyer discovered that the 36-year-old man was also driving a passenger along the section of road he was arrested on. As stated by a report from the Hernando County Sheriff, no headlights were on, and the defendant could not conceal the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. While his passenger (who was reportedly less sober than the driver) was escorted to his home, the driver was taken into custody, where the tests discerning his blood-alcohol levels were obtained.

The 36-year-old defendant was officially arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, DWI, in the wrong direction on the Hernando highway, a fulfillment of his earlier and somewhat comical predictions that he would not be able to pass the officer-administered alcohol level tests. The officers no doubt believed him, and acted according, based on the lack of headlights and the evidence of the man’s own state of mind. It seems that under Florida law, passengers of a vehicle are not held legally responsible for being drunk- only the driver. On a lighter note, someone reports that the golf cart the drunken man was driving was safely returned to its source, a local campground in the Brooksville area.

Though this account is somewhat humorous, drunk driving is a serious offense in every state of the U.S. Even though the vehicle was a golf cart, the possible injury to both the men in the cart as well as others on the road could have been quite serious. A New York Criminal Attorney recognizes the serious legal repercussions that could be inflicted upon those who choose to make decisions such as this.

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