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Friends Mourn Horrific Death of Connecticut Woman


The murder of a 23-year-old woman has brought sorrow to many, in particular to a Bronx man who dated her for most of a year.

“It’s a tragic situation,” the 27-year-old man told authorities. “It’s shocking.”
The Bronx man was still in contact with the young woman and considered her a friend. He knew he was living with a new boyfriend, the man now suspected of slashing the woman’s face before stabbing her to death in sudden rage. The Bronx man said he’d never heard the victim say anything bad about the suspect who will be charged with the felony.

“She always said he was a good person,” the Bronx man recalled. “It’s a bad outcome.”
He said he dated the victim for 10 months and even lived in the same apartment for a while. He also said they were still friends when they decided to part ways.

“We stayed friends,” he explained. “She was such a good person. She was my friend.”
The victim grew up in a nice Connecticut town, but “moved to the city in 2006 to pursue her dreams,” he said.

“She wanted to be in advertising. She was really creative. She was very intelligent.”
“Her parents and brothers were really supportive of her dreams to be in the city.”
A high school friend reported to police that her former teammates in cross country were in shock.

“She was a gorgeous girl,” the high school friend reflected. “She was amazing. She was beautiful. I know people say it a lot and it sounds like a cliché, but she really was.”
The victim was the only daughter of a prominent financial advisor. According to a former coworker of the victim, “She was beautiful from the inside out.”

In her childhood home, in Riverside, Connecticut, a great number of friends and relatives came to grieve and express condolences to the family. The victim was formerly a student of Hunter College, working in sales. She had aspirations to go into advertising and was studying marketing in order to prepare herself for a future career.

Police all over New York City are aware of this case.

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