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Friends Should Not Let Friends Drive Drunk Says Police


The Maryland State Police Department is encouraging friends to tell on their friends, states a New York Criminal Lawyer. The State Police are encouraging motorists to call in to 911 if they see people driving erratically or dangerously on the roads during the winter months. They believe that residents in the state would rather call and tell on a person who is driving drunk rather than allow that person to hurt someone else.

They started the campaign before the Super Bowl and wanted motorists to look out for fellow motorists who might have had a few too many to drink while watching the game. The campaign was successful and there were more people using designated and sober drivers instead of taking a chance behind the wheel themselves. They want to extend the campaign and have motorists looking out for other potentially drunk motorists all of the time to prevent injury accidents related to alcohol.

The program was created and advertised using grant monies. The push for the safe roads will continue on in to the spring months, because drunk driving is a year-round concern. In previous years, there were severe accidents and the police did not want to have a repeat of those days. They will continue to encourage all residents to get a designated driver, a sober driver or to call the police if they suspect someone is driving drunk on the roads.

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