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“Heroes” Father Faces Jail Time-If You’re Charged Get a New York Criminal Attorney

The father of Hayden Panettiere who is the star of the TV show “Heroes” has been arrested in Los Angeles for domestic violence( in New York that would considered assault says a New York Criminal Lawyer He is said to have beaten up his wife and faces a prison sentence of up to a year.

Alan Panettiere was released on bail after he was charged with striking his wife an number of times. He is due to be arraigned next month in Beverly Hills. Alan is 49 and had no visible representation.

He was smart. reports say that he hired an experienced Criminal Lawyer. In the event you or a close friend are arrested in New York, hiring an experienced New York Criminal Lawyer is essential for you. Getting the proper legal advice is essential at this critical time.

Hayden Panettiere plays one of the main characters on NBC’s “Heroes.” When reached for his reaction, he nor his lawyer had a press release or a comment on this ongoing criminal matter.

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