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Man arrested for murder of Livery cab driver. It seems his family will need a New York Criminal Lawyer

Police looking for a robbery suspect ended up arresting a man for murder in Bronx, NY. After a store on W. 240th Street in Bronx NY was robbed at gunpoint, police were looking in the area for the suspect. They came across Charles McDowell, a 22 year old Bronx resident. Cops searched him and found that he was carrying a .25 caliber handgun. The gun McDowell was carrying matched the gun used in the murder of a Livery cab driver earlier this month. The murder was in the Baychester, in the Bronx, NY. McDowell had been in police custody after the murder because his prints were found on the taxi. Police had to release him after witnesses could not pick him out of the suspect line-up. McDowell is facing felony charges of murder, criminal possession of a weapon and attempted robbery in the first degree. He will be arraigned at Bronx Criminal Court House; located at 215 E. 161st Street, Bronx NY 10451.
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