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Man Sues Wife for Wrongful Death of Infant Son


A man is filing a wrongful death suit against his estranged wife claiming she was directly responsible for their son’s death, states a report. The man filed the suit in January. The alleged suffocation occurred in June, 2010. The wife has been jailed since being arrested after the incident in December.

The man, who has also filed for divorce from his wife claims that his wife’s domestic violence was “intentional.”

The wife is charged with first-degree murder in the suffocation death of their 6-month-old son. Authorities state that the woman admitted to placing a plastic bag over the child’s head and then covering him with blankets. The woman has plead not guilty by reason of insanity, and her attorney’s claim she was suffering from postpartum depression at the time the incident occurred, offers an explanation. Postpartum depression is a hormonal imbalance which causes a woman who has recently given birth to act irrationally. It occurs when the hormonal levels are attempting to return to the levels prior to pregnancy and birth. In most women, it causes depression and sadness, but the symptoms abate in a few weeks. However, in the most severe cases, a mother has been known to harm of kill their children.

The lawsuit claims that the woman believed the child to be autistic, and feared the child would destroy her both emotionally and financially. The woman worked with autistic children at a local children’s hospital for two years, so she was well-versed in the condition, reports a source.

The woman’s legal team requested bail, but the request was denied.

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