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Manhattan, NY Starbucks blow up by movie enthusiast reports a NY Criminal Lawyer

New York City Police Department have issued public reports that Chelsea resident Kyle Sahw,17, was responsible for blowing up a Starbucks on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Reports say that the teen was obsessed with the movie “Fight Club” and formed a fighting group like the one portrayed in the movie. He then went on to attack big corporations like Brad Pitt’s character does in the movie. The Starbucks on Third Ave, NY was his first attack. Reports say that a witness may have seen Shaw leaving the scene with another person. It is still unclear if there was an accomplice, and who that person might be. No one was injured during the explosion, but there was property damage to the Starbucks. Shaw was later caught outside of his home in Chelsea, New York, after telling friends he was responsible for the attack. He has been charged with arson, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief.
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