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Mentally Challenged Young Adults At Risk and the Case Might Require a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer


When children are the victims of a crime, the general public is usually quick to react. When older children who suffer from mental challenges are the victims, sometimes the information is unclear and difficult to understand. And, what makes this situation even more difficult to understand is these young adults were in the care of people who had been convicted of a crime previously.

One 22-year-old male patient in a psychiatric center claims a worker molested him. The worker had disclosed on his application that he was an ex-convict but didn’t say that he had been convicted of a sex crime. And from all available information, this particular hospital never bothered to investigate to see exactly what the man had been convicted of prior to applying for and obtaining employment in this hospital.

Since the district attorney’s office has made the decision that this is not a prosecutable case, the victims could look for a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer from The Law Office of Steven Bilkis and Associates. These young adults are already experiencing difficulties with the general every day situations of life, and they are also easy targets for criminals.

According to a spokesperson for the hospital, the potential employee was questioned about the situation regarding his conviction but did not reveal any information about a sexual crime and the hospital did not then investigate further. The potential employee became an employee even though he had been convicted of lewd assault and battery of an underage male. This criminal act seems irreprehensible and the hospital even goes so far as to say that they are not required to verify the information of a potential employee even if it reveals potential problems.

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