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Mother in court for growing marijuana


The Police indicate to a NY Criminal Lawyer that a woman in East Wallingford is facing charges of felony because she grows marijuana in her home. The woman claims that she was cultivating the marijuana to use for her son who was severely ill.
The woman, according to what the Police told the New York Criminal Lawyer, would not have to stand any trial because of this one reason. The newspaper media reported that the prosecutor of the state made a referral that the accused enter into a Court Diversion program. If she completes that program successfully, the accused will be free of the charges.
The Police reported to the New York Criminal Lawyer that the woman has been persuading the legal system that she does not deserve of any felony charges since her son is so ill and the marijuana is helping him. She confesses that according to the legal system, she is guilty, but for her son, she would do whatever it takes to help him to be well. She did all of this to save her son’s life as he patiently waited to get a kidney transplant. Every day, her son had to undergo dialysis. In The Bronx and Manhattan growing pot is illegal.
The prosecutors of the state did not agree with her, though, because it was not legal to grow the medical marijuana. This only occurred in the state of California. Had she grown the marijuana in small quantities and inside of her home, it would not be deemed illegal. The mother was glad to compromise instead to enter a diversion program.

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