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Murder and DUI Suspect Had Been charged 50 Previously


A man accused of killing a mother and grandmother while being high on crack cocaine had fourteen prior arrests at the time of the fatal crash, claims a police report.

The man’s drug abuse was well known to local authorities before the accident in which he struck and killed a mother and grandmother with his Chevy Tahoe. The 30-year-old man had faces charges 14 times prior to the January 6, 2011 crash.

The man has faced a variety of charges, including possession of a controlled substance and marijuana. The man was arrested several times for driving with a suspended license and with a revoked license, reports a source. In total, the man has faced 55 charges since 1999.

According to authorities, the man was hospitalized with a broken pelvis and two broken ankles. He is currently under house arrest at his home and is equipped with an electronic monitor so authorities can track his whereabouts. He was not taken to jail upon release from the hospital because the jail is not equipped to care for his injuries. The jail only has two to three medical staff members to serve approximately 1300 inmates housed at the jail. The man is currently bed-ridden and required constant care. As soon as he has sufficiently recovered, he will be moved to the jail, according to authorities.

The man faces two counts of murder, possession of cocaine, two counts of assault and driving with a revoked license.

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