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Murder Charge Brings Up Estate Issues


This case involves the accounting done by Dennis Gleason as the acting Executor of the Estate of Dianne Edwards who is deceased. The case is being presented in the Surrogate Court of Suffolk County.

This is a motion to dismiss the objections that have been filed in regard to the account of the estate fiduciary and a cross motion by the objectant for a summary judgment to be granted to dismiss the complaint.

Case Background

A New York Criminal Lawyer said the decedent, Dianne Edwards passed away on the 17th of December in 2008 as a result of what was described as a “neck compress” on her death certificate. Her son in law, Brandon Palladino, was charged with her murder. He pled guilty to first degree manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. He waived his right to appeal as part of his plea negotiations. His wife, Deanna Palladino was the sole beneficiary of the estate.

The will of Diane Edwards was entered into probate on the fifth of October, 2009. In the probate petition, letters testamentary with limitations due to the wrongful death action were issued to Dennis Gleason. Gleason was one of the ex spouse’s of the decedent. Gleason has been substituted by his successor fiduciary Gail O’Connell. A New York Criminal Lawyer said the only asset of the estate was a home that is located in Melville, New York.

On the ninth of February, 2009, Deanna Palladino passed away as a result of a drug overdose. The only distribute was Brandon Palladino, her husband. He designated his mother to receive the letters of administration for the estate of his late wife.

Current Accounting Issues

The case before the court deals with the current accounting of the account of the deceased, Diane Edwards. It is shown that the property owned by the decedent was sold and the current principal balance on hand is $262,000. The question before the court is whether the funds are to be paid to the estate of the deceased daughter, Deanna, whose sole distribute is her husband, Brandon Palladino, or paid to the decedent’s sister, Donna Larsen.

Court Discussion and Decision

After carefully reviewing all of the facts of the case the court has determined that Brandon Palladino has in fact surrendered his rights to any type of funds from the estate of his late wife. In addition, New York Sex Crimes Lawyer said it has been determined that the sister of the decedent was estranged from her sister for a long period of time before she passed away.

This case presents a very difficult matter at hand. Deanna Palladino was named as the sole beneficiary in her mother’s will. However, she is now deceased. Deanna has left behind no extra funds and in fact is shown to owe a few thousand dollars to creditors. A New York Drug Possession Lawyer said the money from the estate of her mother will be used to pay off these debts. A New York Drug is appointing a guardian ad litem for the estate of Deanna Palladino. This will be in place until all of the appeals are presented in favor of Brandon Palladino. The estate is being put on hold for now until all of the other legal matters in the case are settled.

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