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Nuggets Suspend Melo Two Games for DUI-Get A Nassau County DWI Attorney If You’re Stopped


Carmelo Anthony was suspended for the fist two games of the season. He was arrested recently for DUI.

His team, The Denver Nuggets issued a statement which basically said they apologize for Anthony’s mistake and regret that incident happened. They said that they support Anthony and are sure that he is making every effort to solve whatever problem exists. They are confident that this is a one time mistake and that it would not happen again. The Nuggets front office had no further comment.

If you or a family member is taken into custody for DWI/DUI by police, you should consult with a Nassau County DWI Lawyer. A good Nassau County DWi Lawyer can help you regain your freedom advise you in the best possible way in terms of knowing your rights and options.

This action or lack thereof by The Denver Nuggets sends a bad message. They didn’t fine Anthony as they should have. He’ll now sit on the bench for two games and still collect his game checks. Terrible!

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