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Officers Take Out Meth Lab, Arrest 4 in Lexington County


Acting on a tip, officers from the Lexington County Multi-Agency Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) raided a home near Lexington, SC, led to the arrests of two men and two women, sources revealed to a reporter.

A Lexington County Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that NET officers had received a tip that the four persons were manufacturing meth at a clandestine meth lab in the home of one of those arrested. Officers from the multi-agency cooperative effort executed a search warrant just after 2:00pm Friday and found that meth was being manufactured in the master bedroom. Officers said that a small amount of marijuana was also located inside the home.

Local firefighters from the Lexington County Fire Service were on the scene and assisted the officers to dismantle the meth lab and to assist with the disposal of any chemicals and other hazardous substances that were associated with the meth lab.

Those arrested have been charged with multiple drug related charges including distributing meth, manufacturing meth, possessing marijuana, and possessing illegal narcotic drugs. All of those arrested are currently being detained in the Lexington County Detention Center, where they are awaiting a bond hearing.

Methamphetamine, a form of amphetamines, in various forms has been around since it was first discovered in Japan in 1919. The patterns of abuse have persisted in New York and Suffolk ever since Methamphetamine abuse can be extremely debilitating, and has caused many problems over the years. This powerful narcotic stimulates the central nervous system after the user smokes, snorts, orally ingests, or injects the drug into their system. Some of the side effects of meth include convulsions, high body temperature, stroke, stomach cramps, and shaking. Chronic abuse can lead to psychotic behavior, paranoia, and many others.

Manufacturer of methamphetamine is a process that those involved literally take their own lives into their hands. Without going into much detail, producing meth requires the use of some very hazardous chemicals, and reports of meth labs exploding are plentiful. These have resulted in the physical injuries and even deaths of anyone who happened to be in the dwellings at the time of the explosions, including any children who are nearby, since many meth labs are contained in people’s homes.

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