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Pass the Spittoon—Man Spits on Floor in Courtroom


A twenty year-old man from Macomb faces charges for driving under the influence, marijuana possession, and a possible charge for contempt, as he spit on the floor in the courtroom during his hearing. The Illinois State Police arrested the accused early on Sunday, where he was driving with a suspended/revoked license, found to be in possession of marijuana, and driving under the influence of drugs.

Since the man failed to appear in court in the past, he is also wanted in the state of Tennessee. His hearing was held on Monday at the McDonough County Circuit Court, where in order to be released he would have to post $450 to make bail, but he claimed that he could only account for $300 total. The man seemed outwardly troubled, as he shared about the difficulties of traveling place to place, and struggling with family problems. A New York Criminal Lawyer expounds, that while the man was walking toward his seat in the courtroom, he allegedly spit on the floor, and was later questioned by the Sheriff’s deputy as to whether this was an accident or not.

After the accused was dismissed, an assistant county prosecutor filed an appeal that the act of spitting was a direct sign of contempt toward the court. No ruling has been made yet, regarding the petition against the accused for spitting on the floor. The man is currently residing in the McDonough County Jail, until his next hearing on Wednesday.

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