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Paul Kamienski could use a NY Criminal Lawyer


At age 35, Paul Kamienski was running three businesses, had cars, homes,
boats, and many parties. Then, in 1983, his lavish lifestyle ended when he was
convicted of being an accomplice to two drug-related killings.
Sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 12 years, Mr. Kamienski
struggled for 22 years behind bars, maintaining he was innocent. Last month, a
federal appeals court finally overturned his conviction. On Tuesday, June 16th,
2009, he was driven out of South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton, New Jersey,
after spending 22 years behind bars. The decision, written by Judge Theodore A.
McKee, criticized the New Jersey appellate courts for lacking substantial
evidence. However, the the ruling is under appeal by the Ocean County prosecutor
who says that the 12 jurors who first saw the evidence to a guilty verdict.
Then, in 1988, a jury in New Jersey Superior Court did in fact convict two
drug dealers, Anthony Alongi and Joseph Marzeno, of fatally shooting Henry and
Barbara DeTournay. Mr. Kamienski had introduced them to each other. He was found
not guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and robbery but was convicted of
acting as an accomplice to the murders. Furthermore, Mr. Kamienski was also
convicted of a drug charge and had another 12 years added on to his sentences.
In addition to all this, the trial judge threw out the convictions, but a New
Jersey appeals court later reinstated them and the sentences. Also, an
ex-girlfriend who testified against him while facing drug charges of her own,
has come under closer scrutiny.
This complex case has commanded clever New York Criminal Attorneys throughout, and continues to demand intense help from experienced and erudite NY Criminal Attorneys in the struggle for freedom.

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