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Police Arrest Violent Robbery Suspect


Police have arrested the person they believe perpetrated a violent robbery on February 25, New York Criminal Lawyer has learned. The 32-year old male was taken into custody about a mile from where the crime took place and without incident a week later as he walked along a city street. The arresting officer stated that when the suspect saw the officer that he did attempt to hide his face, but made no attempt to flee from the officer. There is no charge of gun possession.
The robbery, which occurred at a local discount store, was both brutal and distressing, and the local community pulled together and contributed to the arrest. The robbery occurred at about 9:30am on the morning of February 25, when the suspect entered the market while posing as a customer. The robber then grabbed the purse that was flung across the shoulder of a 71-year old female customer. During the process of the suspect fleeing the scene the victim had fallen to the floor, which caused her to bruise her ribs and break her finger and kneecap. She remained in the hospital for several days due to her injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery. Police in The Bronx and Queens would act in a similar manner.
Police officials have told all that this is one instance where the community really pulled together. Pictures from surveillance video, eyewitness descriptions of the robber, and tips from the community all contributed to the arrest. This may be considered as normal behavior for most communities, but this particular community has, at least in the past, had the attitude that “snitches need stitches” that actually prohibits cooperation with the police. It is believed that the fact that the victim was a 71-year old woman was a factor that overcame these attitudes.
There have been other similar robberies in the area recently and police are investigating as to whether the suspect may have a connection to those as well. Another robbery, while unrelated to this one, occurred within 15-minutes of the robbery this suspect was involved in, but was about 30-miles away.
Solving this case has been a boon for both the police department and the community as this was a particularly brutal case due to the victim’s age and the fact that this crime occurred during broad daylight, sources told the New York Criminal Lawyer.

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