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Portuguese society columnist murdered in his hotel room


A popular Portuguese celebrity journalist was found murdered and mutilated in his New York hotel room, a friend was told by police. The police said the victim had told a close friend that he had started to feel threatened by his young lover.

The victim was a gay activist and society columnist. He was beaten to death. His scrotum was also severed with a wine glass that had been broken during a fight with his lover, who is a fashion model.

The 65-year-old journalist was found in a puddle of his own blood. He was found face up in his room at Inter Continental New York Times Square hotel room on W. 44th St.

He had earlier told a close friend that he was scared to be with his lover. His friend returned home early from a trip to check on him, but she was too late. The friend actually saw her friend’s lover in the hotel lobby before discovering her friend’s body.

The police are holding the journalist’s lover. Police were not able to find him for several hours.

The lover took a cab to the Roosevelt Hospital to have several wrist wounds bandage. The police believe they may be wounds from a failed suicide attempt, said a source.

Later, the cab driver recognized the man’s picture on the late night newscast and called 911 shortly before midnight. A nurse at the hospital where he was being treated also caught the same newscast and called in the cops, she informed a reporter.

He was arrested at the hospital. Charges against him are pending as the police await a psychiatric evaluation from the Bellevue Hospital.

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