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Posada’s Citizenship Application Raises Red Flags


A U.S. immigration official stated that the 82-year-old CIA-trained explosives expert exile Luis Posada Carriles application for US citizenship has raised concerns, and numerous red-flags. As she reviewed the form, she came across many things that were disturbing to her. Drug Possession was also suspected but never proven.

In section N400, Posado stated that he had advocated the overthrow of a government. He also noted a Panamanian conviction that caused him to serve 4 years in prison. There were others that were not available at the time of this publication.

In 2002 Posada was arrested for planning to assassinate Fidel Castro. He was convicted of a lesser charge. In 2004 he received a controversial presidential pardon, states a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer. It’s not the first time that he came up against the law in Cuba. Cuban officials have alleged that Posada was involved in a little-known 1998 plot to bomb an civilian aircraft going from Cuba to Central America. He was also accused of a 1976 combing of a Cuban airline that killed 73 people. He was acquitted in a trial in Venezuela. Authorities in Manhattan and Staten Island have taken notice of this case for future reference.

Other people have testified that Posada also lied under oath at the hearings for asylum and naturalization in 2005 and 2006. Due to a litany of errors in translation and factual date in the transcripts of the hearings, the question of whether Posada lied under oath is still debatable. There are already plans in place to challenge the transcriptions and translations at an upcoming date, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Posada applied for citizenship in 2005 after sneaking back into the country. He applied because of his service in the U.S. army during the 1961 Bay of Pigs. There are currently 11 charges against Posada.

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