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Legend Noah Not Fazed by Son’s Arrest If your child is arrested in Quenns County hire a good Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer


Former French Open champion Yannick Noah is not fazed that his son Joakim was arrested for possession of marijuana and having an open cup of some sort of alcohol on his person.

The NBA forward and former Florida Gator star was arrested Sunday in Gainesville, Florida. A policeman saw him on a sidewalk holding a plastic cup. After taking Noah to the station they searched him and discovered that he had some marijuana in his pocket.

Yannick Noah didn’t see what the big deal was. He was asked his opinion as he attended The French Open and said he saw nothing wrong with having a beer on the street.

Yannick has already stated years ago that he has used marijuana. His admission created quite a stir and a magazine printed the story. This is after he won the French Open Title.

Joakim Noah was notified that he would have to return and appear before a judge. This is not an unusual procedure for such offenses. He could face a significant time in jail and a monetary fine for the marijuana charge.

Noah had a lawyer to defend his position and obtain bail for him. If you are arressted for in Queens County, you should hire an experienced Queens Criminal Lawyer. Without an experienced Queens Criminal Attorney you could jeopardize your rights.

Joakim Noah led the University of Florida to consecutive U.S. college basketball championships before being picked ninth by the Bulls in last year’s NBA Draft

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