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Potential Florida immigration law causes town debate


A debate ensued in Palm City, Florida, where people gathered to voice their opinions on the potential likelihood that an Arizona styled immigration enforcement law in the state, a New York Criminal Lawyer was told. Emotions ran high at the Library where over 300 people arrived for the summoning. There was standing room only.

State Representative Bill Snyder, R-Stuart, called a town meeting to get the citizens’ opinion on the proposed law. Snyder has prospered the immigration law. Supporters of both sides of the issue were allowed to voice the pros and cons of the law.

Many times throughout the meeting, Snyder asked the crowd to remain civil to each other. “It is rare that in Florida that we have an issue that engenders so much passion,” said Snyder at the meeting to the crowd.

Snyder’s proposed immigration bill would allow state, county, and local law enforcement officials to ask and seek legal status from people, claims a New York Criminal Lawyer. It would give them the ability to get the federal authorities involved. Employers hiring illegal immigrants would also be punished if the bill were passed.

The crowd raised their concerns of how Florida’s tourism and agriculture would be affected by the law if the bill were passed. Some of the crowd was concerned that the law would give law enforcement the right to be racist toward a color of skin. A woman said at the meeting the proposed law “will make it legal to harass, profile and disrespect innocent citizens for one purpose and one purpose only: to appease the racists in this country.”

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