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Schumer might just close the loopholes in the sex offender law says a New York City Criminal Lawyer


It has been noted that even though many convicted sex offenders are listed in registries they are still able to acquire jobs that place them in direct contact with children, often working as tutors, coaches and in other positions that place them close to children. Senator Charles Schumer might propose legislation to change that. The legislation would propose that it is illegal for registered sex offenders to work or volunteer in positions that put them in “direct and substantial” contact with children.

A New York Criminal Lawyer says business owners will have to screen the employees to make sure that they are not registered sex offenders. Businesses that are not in compliance would be fined and would face greater fines for repeat offenders. Many believe that a law such as this is already in existence but in actuality it is not. Businesses can check if an employee is registered by contacting the Division of Criminal Justice Services online or at 1-800-262-3257.

This law will be set out to prevent cases such as the one where school teacher who was on probation for a sex offense conviction privately tutored a 15 year old boy in. It was determined that he violated the terms of his probation and was once again arrested. Many sex offenders are not on parole or probation therefore they are not barred from acquiring such positions. The Schumer Legislation will prevent this from occurring.

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